About the Author

Describing one’s own writing style is a difficult balance of modesty and honesty. I write like Keats, but more lyrically.

For 9 months I covered a colourful period at city hall for the Toronto Standard. My writing has appeared at Maclean’s, the Grid, the Star, Huffington Post, Walrus Laughs, and more. Links are on the left. Share my work if you like it. I welcome all comments. If I sound like a prejudiced piece of shit, be a dear and let me know.

This is not a blog: there is no continuity in style or topic. I write fun local stories, opinion pieces, satire, or comedic bits, and topics range widely from literature, politics, hockey, chess, music and more. I cite various Canadian newspapers and magazines but many are think-pieces.

Please join the email list or hit the tweet button. I am grateful to anyone who takes the time to read my work, even if I never find out you did. You could be reading Tolstoy or Joyce, but you’re reading me. They are better writers but they’re dead, so if you’d like to hire me to write please contact: Halperin.Jeff@Gmail.com.




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  1. I like the Site but you don’t have any email address listed

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