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The team here at JDHalperin.com has Green values running through the core of our business practices. We’d like to share with you now a truly uplifting story about how one little blog has the power to heal the world…one post at a time.

As an in-house publication, our office engages in safe eco-practices by using energy-saving light bulbs, forsaking AC in summer, and using a space heater and sweaters during winter. The website’s team is comprised wholly of cyclists who literally live in the office, so no greenhouse gases are emitted during the daily commute to and from work. Regrettably, running a website does require powering a computer, but JDHalperin’s chief mainframe console is a netbook with a 12 inch screen. Our carbon footprint is minimal, and we are serious about giving back to the community*.

If a tree falls in the forest, JDHalperin.com is around to hear it. We are ever sensitive to the depletion of forestry. This blog has never printed one page of paper. In this regard, JD Halperin, the man without whom JDHalperin.com would cease to exist, has an undeniably stellar commitment to the planet, having been rejected by every print publisher he’s ever queried.

In a world where ecological and sociocultural catastrophes have become a tragically common business practice, JDHalperin.com is proud to say we have never been associated with any gulf oil spills, aboriginal displacement, organ harvesting, and we have never tested our products on animals.

That’s why when you read JDHalperin.com, you’re not just reading some worthwhile internet writing, you’re making a statement about your values. You’re telling people who you really are.

And who are you?

You’re an urbane cosmopolitan with a love of nature. Wordsworth in a condo, with your ear both to the street and to the soilYour park is Algonquin and Trinity Bellwoods. You’re a sensory hedonist with a deeply spiritual side, a glutton for solidarity of causes big and small, far and wide. A slow thinker in life’s fast lane. Loving, reflexively courteous, and innately benevolent. Most importantly, you act now for world peace on planet Earth.

Let everybody know how magnanimous you are by reading and subscribing to JDHalperin.com today. Show everybody you care about the world’s people, plants and animals by liking us on Facebook, Tweeting @ us, or by simply telling a friend.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, and healing the world begins with a single click. We can do this together.

Thanks for caring. Namaste.

*JDHalperin.com proudly supports the community by offering, free of charge, something to read.